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The Wedding

Shefah and Christophers Christmas House wedding
So happy he did dance. The Ceremony exit
Jackrabbit ranch wedding
Three Generations of ladies getting ready for the wedding
Bride alone, Juniper point and  Wedding at Gold Mountain Manor
Shefah and Christophers wedding
Husbands letter before the wedding
My Little Flower Shop wedding at Journeys end club, Pechanga Casino
Arrowhead California Wedding
Shefah and Christophers wedding
Jackrabbit ranch wedding
Destination Indian wedding Beautiful bride procession
Pure Wedding Romance at the speakeasy in Redlands
Bride leading her groom at Wedding at Gold Mountain Manor
Jackrabbit ranch wedding
Jackrabbit ranch wedding
Gold Mountain Manor night light kiss, sweet romance
Bride Getting Ready at Wedding at Gold Mountain Manor
Weddings (the big day)

Wedding photography is one of my favorite events to photograph, I love to capture every part of your day from start to finish. So many chances to capture beautiful moments from getting ready with loved ones and family to the final Kiss of the night. Everything from the kisses to the holding hands to the little details, your day deserves great photographic coverage. My goal is to capture everything you know you want and a million moments you never thought of or did not even notice. When you look at your marriage photographs for generations to come I want you to go back to that special day, to relive the wonder.