Louis G Weiner Photography Redlands based

Personal Work

Belize Travel Photography
New Orleans, Louisiana grave yard.  Crazy cool locations
God's Light in Tennessee
Crain off Tobacco Caye in Belize, Travel Photography
Little girl on boat to Caye Caulker in Belize, Travel Photography
Big Bear Lake, CA
Tobacco Caye bungalow in Belize, Travel Photography
Canoeing Belize Travel Photography
Tropical Forest inBelize. Travel Photography
Belize Travel Photography
Belize Travel Photography
Caye Caulker boat dock in Belize, Travel Photography
Big Bear Lake, Juniper Point on a wet year
True Black and White film photography and a Holga camera
Dead gas station in Texas off the 10 freeway
New Orleans Grave Yard, Lafayette #4 I think.
Great New Orleans Grave yard, Lafayette #4
Cat on a rural road, black and white file,
Why did the chickens cross the road, Dangriga Belize

Personal Work (travel and other things that interest me)

Some of my favorite things to do are travel and photography, and that is awesome since they go so well together. The world is such a vast amazing place full of interesting different people with different customs so strange to us. It is so inspiring to see all these places and people. I have traveled a little, China, Thailand, Belize, Mexico, Canada and it just made me want to see more.
I love to load up a back pack and hit the road, I like to travel lite with few plans. Once I arrive I love to talk to other travelers and the locals to find the most interesting places. A guide book in hand and my mind set for adventure I walk, ride buses, hitch and hike to see what's new.

People can be wonderful and many are interested meeting people from other countries. I have made many friends along the way.