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Interior Designers & Real Estate

Interior Designers, Architects and Real Estate

Luxury Rental Victoria Arbors Apartments and homes.
Mountain Rental House
luxury Rentals at Victoria Arbors Apartment Homes
Luxury Victoria Arbors Apartment Homes in Rancho Cucamonga
Amazing Bathroom Interior design by Jan Cregier
Rancho Mirage Home Photography on Thunderbird lane
Kimberly Crest Christmas tree lighting
La Quinta Living room Interior design by Jan Cregier
Luxury rentals Victoria Arbors Apartments and homes.
photography Palm Springs interior Design Visuals studio
Inland Empire Architecture Photographer
Design Vision Studio Palm Springs Home view of the mountains
Front entry was with Interior design by Jan Cregier
Picture of La Quinta area Interior design by Jan Cregier
Luxury Victoria Arbors Apartment homes, Rancho Cucamonga
courtyard by Interior designer Jan Cregier La Quinta Ca.
Bedroom design by Interior design by Jan Cregier
Victoria Arbors Apartments and homes.
Sunset Exterior Rancho Mirage House on Thunderbird lane
Kitchen by Design Vision Studio, image by Louis G Weiner
Image Rancho Mirage Home Interior Design Vision Studio

Interior Designers (wonderful group of artists)

Are a special kind or artist, creating homes that fit the owners dreams. Helping with all the details and I mean all the details.

I love photographing for Interior Designers and Architects because they create something different something amazingly out of the ordinary. Something special. Capturing a home or property for an Interior designer or Architect is an amazing project, often like working with a film director (they know what they want).

My goal on these projects is to capture the natural light if possible or augment the light if necessary to make the space or structure show it's best. Many of the photographs I have taken have helped the designers win awards for best interior design contests. My photographs are featured on many designer websites.

Real Estate (properties for sale/rent)

I love photographing properties for sale or rent, it is challenging to get it done quickly and maintain great quality. I recently worked on an Apartment complex in Rancho Cucamonga called Victoria Arbors, a really nice place to live, I am proud to say that the website is almost entirely my images. As they finish up new and improved features I have been going out and photographing them, it is great to see the project come to fruition. Their website is https://www.victoriaarbors.com please take a look.


Because the scope of the project and the photography required is so different for each commercial project it is hard to list rates. I would be happy to quote your specific job, please contact me with your job details and I will create a quote just for you.