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Babies & Infants

Baby Boy crawling towards camera, Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Black and white photography is so powerful, eliminating color allows for more focus on subject. Seeing image in black and white photography is not only often more dramatic, it hasn't nostalgic feel which I love. Studio photography like the portrait above, allows for more control of the light and provides a situation with less distractions for the subject then a public photographic spot. I love both studio and location photography each offer something special

Always fun having the little ones in the studio. I love photographing infants, babies, children and families. Capturing a few moments to be remembered is a beautiful thing. As a parent of a 19 year old beautiful young lady I know how fast time passes, it is so important to capture great, beautiful, timely images of our kids because (and I know it is a cliché) "they grow up so fast."

This portrait was photographed in the studio in Redlands California. I love photographing families in the studio or on location. Locations can be someplace special to you, like a park, favorite playground, someplace like Greenspot Farms, local stream, or your home. I can set up a studio just about anyplace, all my equipment is portable. I often well set up a studio at someone's home, this way the child and family do not have to go somewhere they feel less comfortable. Capturing people relaxed in their own home is a wonderful way to show off true personalities.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California.